Addiction Recovery Channel (ARC)


In partnership with CCTV Channel 17 Burlington, VT.

The Addiction Recovery Channel (ARC) is devoted to providing accurate and current information related to substance use disorder, and the many Vermonters affected by this disease today. Prevention, treatment, recovery, and public policy related to substance use are our main topics. Our purpose is the eradication of stigma and the encouragement of compassion and inclusion for people with substance use disorder and their families. Ultimately, to save lives.                                                                                                                                                         Join Host/Producer Ed Baker LICSW, ACSW, LADC and his guests in exploring and seeking solutions to these most important challenges of our times.

Link to entire ARC archive. This archive will update monthly and contains the entire history of the Addiction Recovery Channel (ARC), entering into its third year of monthly episodes as of 09/01/2019.


Cliff Bauman, Addiction Survivor

Today we welcome Cliff Bauman. Cliff tells the story of how he developed the brain disease of addiction. He reveals the progression of this disease, and how in time it nearly destroyed his life and his dreams. We focus on how Cliff got the help he needed to begin his Recovery, and how he continues to allow people to support his health today.

John Brooklyn, MD

Ed Baker sits down with Dr. John Brooklyn, noted innovator in the field of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Brooklyn is currently the Medical Director of the UVM Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Burlington, VT. Dr. Brooklyn has been a leader in research and treatment related to Opioid Use Disorder for much of his medical career. He is the chief architect of the acclaimed “Hub and Spoke” system of Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT).

T.J. Donovan, Attorney General of Vermont

Take a close look at Attorney General Donovan's positions on the opioid crisis we face in Vermont. In 2010, then State's Attorney Donovan created the Rapid Intervention Community Court, an award-winning criminal justice program available to non-violent offenders whose crimes were driven by addiction or mental illness.